Cloud Communications: Star2Star

What we’ve done that’s unique is that we are really something that you haven’t seen in 30 or 40 years since the breakup of the nationwide Bell System in 1982. Way back in the day when Ma Bell was one company, they made the phones and they provided the phone service, and they took responsibility for everything end to end. Star2Star makes our own phone system. We manufacture and assemble it right here in the United States of America. We are also the voice provider, so we take on the part of AT&T as well. And by bringing these two things together across the internet, we’ve been able to solve three problems. We’ve been able to create this cloud-based feature set with quality, reliability, and savings that simply doesn’t exist if you take the hosted approach where
you’ve got a traditional carrier and a traditional phone system. as two separate entities. So by making these two things together from the ground up, not only is it obviously better coordinated, but it allows us to solve all the issues that would interfere with the quality; solve all the problems that would create a lack of reliability, difficulty monitoring, fail over issues, service and support problems and deliver all of this to you as a single business grade solution. Something that is tailor-made for business. At the same time we are proud to note have the lowest customer turnover rate. We’ve retained 99.6% of all of our customers since we’ve started shipping our product. That’s the best in our industry and we have tremendous feedback from Dun & Bradstreet where they did a customer survey. But it’s all about the architecture and we’re the only company that is doing it this way. We call it an end to end architecture because we built the PBX and we provide the phone service that compliments it. And by doing both of those things, we are able to not only provide a improved feature set in the cloud but also end to end quality, reliability with savings.

From a phones perspective, we support phones from both Cisco, Polycom and Yealink. While Cisco has phones that have a lot of buttons on them and a lot of features that people like, the Polycom phones are deliver a premium sound quality. However Yealink deliver a very affordable and feature rich range of phones that support Key System emulation. We also can support analog devices, and so if you have a standard analog phone this can easily be supported and accommodated with our system. We have completed installations assisted living facilities where we’ve done hundreds of analog phones that come back to a phone room and then plug into our PBX. We also support a soft phone that runs on the PC and we’re about to release one for the smart phones as well so you can check in and see if that is available at the time you are listening to this message. As you have probably already guessed, phone equipment advances as rapidly as computers.

The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager Family

Unmatched quality and reliability

  • More than a PBX
  • Supports DSL, Cable, Fiber, T1, Wireless
  • Flexible networking configuration
  • Fully monitoring and remotely managed
  • Dual WAN capable, Auto failover
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life, high reliability
  • Patent Pending edge traffic shaping
  • Voice routing intelligence
  • Solid state device
  • Highly Secure

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