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Kangas Cloud architecture distributes core infrastructure between two main data centers and six other nodes throughout USA

Primary data centers:

  • Located in Atlanta and Tampa
  • Tier 3 infrastructure
  • Most active neutral carrier communications facility
  • Multiple redundant fiber loops, power and HVAC
  • Peering connections with all major carriers

Designed with peering to Level 3 for redundancy and less than a millisecond response time!

160,000 square foot fully-dedicated interconnect data center and co-location facility is home to the Southeast’s largest concentration of telecommunications connectivity.

The Data Center utilizes state-of-the-art surveillance, including building cameras, 37 cameras on the 16th floor with round-the-clock monitoring. In addition to secured access from the ground floor to the elevators and the lobby on the 16th floor, all doors within the Data Center require pass cards and, in critical locations, pin codes. The building is entirely above flood stage and the servers sit 192 feet off the ground. The building is rated and engineered to withstand a direct hit from a 155 mile an hour category 4 hurricane. Plus, the Data Center is itself inside a separate bunker at the building’s core. There are no outside facing windows. As a final protection, the walls are reinforced with blast proof Kevlar.

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